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Fortuity is recognised by market leaders, Tableau, as certified data analytics and business intelligence providers.  The key to business success now and in the future is data. Fortuity IT services can leverage your data, enabling your business to collect, analyse and interpret your customer needs and future requirements. We create commercial opportunities for our clients through data analytics.

To leverage the commercial opportunities hidden in your data, please contact Fortuity today.

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Fortuity use CRISP-DM

Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining, CRISP-DM, is a reliable and repeatable process for completing data analytics projects. It offers a framework for recording data analytics activity. The standard was originally launched in 1996 and published in 1996 with contributions from 300 organisations and stakeholders.

CRISP-DM sets out the data mining research into 6 set phases:

  • Business understanding – to be effective in data mining a good background understanding of the business activity is critical.

  • Data Understanding – to be effective in data mining the initial data must be understood.

  • Data Preparation – this phase involves the cleaning and preparation of the data.

  • Modelling – Select Modelling techniques.

  • Evaluation – Evaluation of results.

  • Deployment – Deployment of model.

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