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Fergal Coleman, Sales Director

  • Fortuity is all about engaging, please contact Fergal here.
  • Fergal Coleman has ten years’ experience in the IT sector.
  • He holds certifications in Microsoft Server and Network Security .
  • Fergal is highly experienced in Cyber Security, Malware & Virus protection.

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And a little bit about the real me...

  • Details of Previous Jobs – Ran a successful Bar in Youghal for 10 years
  • Married – No
  • Number of Kids - No
  • Any Pets - Dog called Denver, one of the Guide Dogs that didn’t make it
  • Hobbies - DJ
  • Other interests - Golf
  • Living in - Youghal, 2 years
  • Burning Desire -Superstar DJ
  • My Key to success - Being focussed, passionate and working hard
  • Driving Passion - Not accepting second best
  • Curious about - Technology
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